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Wembley Downs Shopping Centre

Contracted by Built Environs this 1,800 m2 single-storey four-tenancy shopping centre in Wembley Downs, is constructed on a re-inforced continuous concrete pedestal with structural steel columns and tilt up precast concrete panels.  Safety was paramount during the construction period as the site abutted a child care centre.  This single storey shopping centre now houses an […]

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Horizon Steel Pty Ltd can custom build and install onsite stairs from residential through to commercial and industrial.  To avoid damage to the existing works the staircase above was unloaded by hiab, manoeuvred into position on trolleys and erected by manpower and chainblocks.      

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Florence Hummerston Isle of Voyage before it's extensions are added.

Housed in the historic Florence Hummerston Kiosk,  the operators of the popular Voyage Café in Sorrento have been busy adding on to their new cafe, Isle of Voyage in Elizabeth Quay.  Due for completion in summer late 2016 the structural steel extensions will allow outdoor dining under louvres and a pizza alfresco area.  

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Contracted for steel works by Perkins Builders and completed in 2015 this project consisted of approximately 380 tonne of steel  and resulted in a two storey Year 7 & 9 Learning Block, plus another two-storey Senior School Learning Block, an extension to the existing Sports Hall and minor works to the existing stage 1 learning areas. […]

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